Domain Market at its Peak

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November 9, 2015
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November 18, 2015
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Domain Market at its Peak

Domain market at its peak

Domain market at its peak
As we all know that 4L .com market increased at its peak and I don’t think it will rise further than few percentage of its current value. the investors and resellers move to another extension dot net where they can find good profit. Everything has an end value and what we are seeing right now for 4L com. it’s at his peak. The domainers and investors have to roll his money into the market otherwise market could collapse and thanks to Chinese investors who bring our attention towards dot net.we have significant changes in dot net market. most Chinese premium four letter dot net domains ( without A E I O U V ) sold today above $500 in the aftermarket. Since few days back when we have an opportunity to register dot net domains at registration cost we could not assume that four letter dot net domains can increase at this level. Even the random four letter domains has been increased by 15% of its current market value. that is a good sign for the domain investors. In  my opinion dot net is necessary because every new or small business owner desire a cheap domain name and I think .net would be the best opportunity for them.if they cannot afford .com they can buy .net at 50-60% less price than dot com domain name.

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