Flippa : Changes to Premium Domain Upgrades

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November 18, 2015
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Flippa : Changes to Premium Domain Upgrades

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flippa logo
Flippa is one of the largest aftermarket place in the domain industry with brilliant sale history and approximately every domainer used the flippa once or regularly for the domain sale.Well, today topic is upcoming changes to Flippa Premium Domain Upgrades.As we all know flippa recently made changes to its domain listing policy.before that changes we can relist domain free of charge for unlimited time but after the effect of that policy any unsold domain listing can only be relisted at the half listing price.We are still observing that changing of flippa listing and now they are introducing its new policy. I don’t know yet it’s good for the domainers or not. only the time will reveal that whether it’s good or bad but one thing I have to say.quick changes of flippa policies can ruin the flippa market and will cut off many new and small domain resellers.

I recently received an email which I’m quoting below.

Changes to Premium Domain Upgrades

At the beginning of 2014, Flippa had a small marketplace of 2,000 domain listings. Now we have over 1.6 million and counting! Needless to say, the systems we need to support a marketplace 5,000x the size have had to evolve.  Read more

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